More Taxes?!

Posted: April 19, 2011 by jgiosmas in Posts about Blogs

Ramblings is the title of the blog at, this is a blog written by a married insurance agent with two college kids living in a small Illinois town. Taxes were due recently so the timing of this blog makes sense, because most Americans have taxes on their mind. In her post she explains that there should be more taxes for both individuals and businesses. A lot of the new taxes she suggests make sense but really are not too practical.

In the individual category she posts that people should be taxed for misusing the word “like”, showing their underwear publicly, and driving at least five miles per hour below the posted speed limit. In ninth grade my English teacher made us pay a nickel first trimester, a dime second trimester, and a quarter third trimester every time we used the word “like” in his classroom. He did make a good amount of money from doing this and he claims to give it to charity at the end of each year. On pegoleg she says tax collectors would be placed in local junior highs, high schools and malls on Saturday afternoon. To me this is not a practical tax, it would never make it.

The underwear tax and going five under the speed limit kind of already are enforced but not by IRS and instead by the police. In more ghetto areas it is a crime to sag your pants so that your underwear are visible and the offender can be written a citation by a local police officer. Things have been done to prevent this such as the creation of the tall-tee. Now one can sag their pants extra low without the underwear being seen below the tall-tee. Also some people that have already been written up for this offense may wear some basketball shorts over their underwear and not sag those but then sag their pants so that it appears their basketball shorts are their underwear. I am not sure how much this law is currently enforced but my guess is it is still going strong in some areas. Maybe some day in her small Illinois town the cops will start cracking down on showing cracks.

Driving below the speed limit is also enforced by police officers. I think it is more like going 10+ below the speed limit is grounds to get pulled over,  because you are bound to be confused or intoxicated. If the law were you get pulled over for doing five over the limit or five under the limit, way more people would be getting pulled over. My dad would be a constant offender. If he’s driving in a 45 the highest speed he will probably hit is 41 but he’ll have an average of probably about 38. He drives slow and isn’t in a rush. When he’s driving to work in the morning though I hope he goes with the flow of traffic though plus he drives in the HOV lane with his hybrid because he’s allowed to. If driving below the speed limit were enforced as much as driving above the speed limit cops would be in hog heaven and it would be much easier for them to reach their quota.

For businesses she thinks if they do not show that they are striving to become more green, deliberately misspell words in their title or advertisements, or have automated phone lines with no option to speak to an operator the business should be taxed. She feels that a ten cent fine per infraction would be an appropriate rate to charge people. That would be much cheaper than a speeding ticket at least but it would be what I had to pay in ninth grade and I’m sure that is cheaper than the fine that must be paid for sagging your pants too low. However a ten cent infraction to businesses not doing the things she listed would not even notice the new tax. Most businesses can afford ten cents a year and if they can’t they probably aren’t a very good business anyway. Pegoleg says she welcomes constructive input and that some will say that this is just a scheme to tax those who do things that bother her. I am one of those critics, I agree with what she is saying but it’s way too much of a stretch for any of them to be logical new taxes. She says if I am one of those critics, I must pay the Smart Ass Tax; your dime’s in the mail.


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